Art at The Bentway

Constructions of the Everyday
The Bentway’s inaugural public art exhibition

For over sixty years the Gardiner Expressway has been a defining feature of Toronto’s urban landscape. The 18-kilometer concrete structure is a symbol of its time – functional, monumental, and built for a car centred city. In a radical act of renewal, the Bentway reimagines this structure, re-confronts the familiar and finds exceptional opportunities in the most common and recognizable of spaces.

Embracing the same spirit of transformation and translation the artists gathered for the Bentway’s inaugural public art exhibition find new value and beauty in the structures of everyday life. Using mundane materials, utilitarian objects and routine activities as subject matter, their work transcends expectations and explores the expressive qualities of these traditionally mute features and routines – snowmobiles become vehicles to support education and communication, abstract patterns echo and undermine traditional construction signage, and individual skaters are transformed into a collective ballet. Both the Bentway and these works ask us to question singular and static definitions, and instead, to look at our environment and its infrastructure through a different lens, in order to see our city and ourselves anew.

Artists involved: Jennifer Ilett, Jimmy Limit, Janine Miedzik, Public Visualization Studio, Janice Qimirpik and Moe Kelly, Embassy of Imagination and PA System.

From January 15-21, 2018, Constructions of the Everyday is a part of the Toronto Design Offsite Festival.