Art at The Bentway

The Bentway is a unique urban platform for the presentation of public art, commissioning and hosting an ever-changing array of visual and performing art projects. Art at The Bentway is guided by our programming objectives and principles, which prioritize innovative artwork that is accessible, connected, generative, and participatory.

Communitas: The Spirit of Community

Exhibition runs May 1-August 30, 2019

In increasingly populated urban landscapes, the division and ownership of resources can become hotly-contested signifiers of identity and status, of regional and personal politics, and of ever-evolving civic histories.

Communitas: The Spirit of Community examines what may be gained or lost by individuals and communities alike when unity, not division, is the norm. What happens when the private becomes the public, and when the solitary becomes the shared? In what ways does the conscious sharing of our spaces and assets lead to greater connection between the people in their midst? How do we choose to comport or represent ourselves, and what happens when those individual representations conflict with collective histories or perspectives?

Communitas brings together artists, urbanists, innovators, and community activators within the connective space of The Bentway to engage in radical experiments in collaboration, co-creation, and cohabitation: all of which are key to the future of our expanding cities.

The Communitas art program is made up of two exhibitions: New Monuments for New Cities, a joint touring art exhibition with 5 members of the High Line Network, showcasing provocative works by 25 acclaimed artists from Toronto, Houston, Austin, Chicago, and New York that explore new monuments for today’s changing social and political landscape; and Nadine Stijns, A Nation Outside a Nation presented with Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Exhibition. Stijns captures the memories, dreams, and flow of capital and possessions throughout the Filipino diaspora

The exhibitions will be accompanied by public tour by some of the artists involved and artists and thinkers in Toronto. Tours occur on Thursdays, May 14-August 20. Tour leaders include: Rebecca Carbin, Art + Public UnLtd, Coco Guzman, New Monuments for New Cities artist, Quentin VerCetty, New Monuments for New Cities artist, and Kaitlin Wainwright, Heritage Toronto.

Ongoing Projects