Art at The Bentway

The Bentway is a unique urban platform for the presentation of public art, commissioning and hosting an ever-changing array of visual and performing art projects. Art at The Bentway is guided by our programming objectives and principles, which prioritize innovative artwork that is accessible, connected, generative, and participatory.

Fall 2021 Projects

Upcoming Projects

Moving With Joy and Annivik by Maureen Gruben
December 2021-February 2022

Moving with Joy will be presented at The Bentway Skate Trail as part of The Bentway’s Winter Season 2021/2022. Moving With Joy is an expansion of Maureen’s 2019 project Moving With Joy Across The Ice As My Face Turns Brown From The Sun, which brought together fourteen hand-built sleds borrowed from local Inuvialuit families for a short-duration land art installation.

The focal point of Moving With Joy for The Bentway Skate Trail is a large-scale sculptural sled featuring a video work that shares aspects of the community ice fishing season, for which sleds are essential. Six smaller, vertical sled sculptures are dispersed throughout the skate trail; the decks of these smaller sleds will also display photo-based images.

Annivik will be installed at The Bentway Studio as part of The Bentway’s Winter Season 2021/2022. A large-scale photographic installation, Annivik shares images captured in the landfill of Maureen Gruben’s home community, Tuktoyaktuk. The project takes its name from a bilingual English/Inuvialuktun ‘Exit’ sign that the artist found at this dump. The English word ‘exit’, according to the Oxford dictionary, denotes ‘a way out’. The Inuvialuktun word ‘annivik’ has a more nuanced meaning: it can also be translated as ‘birthing place’, eliciting the idea that endings are not disappearances but transitions; that leaving one place means entering another.


Ongoing Projects