An in-depth look at The Bentway’s past, present, and future projects.

Waterfront ReConnect

The Gardiner Expressway is, and will remain, a major artery in and out of Toronto. The elevated portion of the Expressway stretches some 6.5km through the heart of the City, across the entire length of the downtown. From a regional perspective, the Gardiner represents an essential connection between the sprawling communities of the Greater Golden…

Pulse Topology

Pulse Topology uses 3,000 lights to create a landscape that reacts in real-time to the pulse of visitors’ heartbeats in the interior of the space of the under-Gardiner area of Exhibition Place.

Digital and/as Public Space

COVID has produced the greatest big tech experiment of our time, driving everything – from education to cultural programming, health and wellness to social interaction – online. It seems likely that this newfound dependence on the digital realm is here to stay, and that public life post-COVID will continue to move back and forth between…

One year later… It’s ALL (Still) Right Now

March 2021 marks one year of COVID-19. One year of lockdowns. One year of Zoom parties. One year of physical distancing, masks, remote working, parents under strain, and the unchanging everyday of the pandemic. One year where stark social inequities have been magnified for all to see. We are taking this opportunity to look back…